Stop Florida hospitals from getting away with murder!

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Florida Statute 768.16 - 768.26 allows you to be killed by medical malpractice and there is NOTHING you or your family can do about it! The statute gives doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers virtual immunity for negligently killing some of the most defenseless members of our society! 

My father was 44 years young when he suffered a brain aneurysm. Against his odds, he made a recovery but needed a hospital grade rehabilitation facility for assistance with mobility and speech. Six hours after being admitted to Lee Health Rehabilitation in Fort Myers, Florida I was notified that my father "suffered a fall" and was critical. Why was the patient not properly assessed? What precautions were taken to prevent this fall? This fall left my father meeting the criteria for brain death. I just turned 25 on April 2nd, and this incident happened June 3rd. I am his only child, and he is unmarried. No legal action can prevent this facility or others from making the same mistake because of my age. 

Most patients who need rehabilitation hospitals are recovering from strokes and brain injuries. Strokes are the 5th leading cause of death in Florida and 3rd in the United States. Nearly three-quarters of all strokes occur in people over the age of 65. Do you know any 65-year-olds with survivors under the age of 24? The Statute of Limitations for malpractice suits in Florida is outdated and ignorant.

I was an only child and my father raised me as the sole provider. His death was sudden and traumatizing for me. At 25 years old I have to go through the rest of my life missing my best friend and robbed of guidance all due to a mistake of an inexperienced nurse and understaffed facility.

Help protect our Florida residents by changing this statue so hospitals will be held accountable for malpractice!

The State of Florida's Wrongful Death Act states that if you are over 24 years old and have no dependents under the age of 25 and you are not married, there are no repercussions for negligence. A doctor, hospital, or any other healthcare provider could essentially kill you through gross negligence/medical malpractice and you/your family, etc. do not have the right to sue for malpractice! This needs to change immediately to protect Florida's families!