Protect Florida Waters

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The water quality of south Florida and along the coastal regions are being destroyed due to the poor choices of Floridas government. We the people, the fishermen and women, the daily beach goers, the residents of Florida; need to unite against the opening of the dams into our ocean we all know as the Gulf Of Mexico. The endangered species such as Goliath grouper, the Whale shark, even sea turtles are being affected by the algae blooms preventing oxygen and top water eaters to get the needed air and necessities to survive. This isn’t a game of survival of the fittest anymore, it’s survial of the cruel and unfazed law makers in office allowing this to happen. Florida is the sunshine state and marine life and human life would like to enjoy it and not be harassed by the now thousands of dead organisms washing upon shore. Floridians need to rise against this and stop it before we lose the endangered organisms and or do more damage that has already been done.  

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