Block Evictions of Richmond Public School Students - 2022

Block Evictions of Richmond Public School Students - 2022

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Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority Board of Commissioners and

Why this petition matters

Started by Beth Almore

Richmond’s eviction rate is one of the highest in the nation.  Recent media reports have highlighted RRHA’s plans to resume enforcement of lease provisions this month, which potentially could lead to the eviction of up to 900 families this year for non-payment of rent. 

We, the undersigned, believe that housing is a human right.

We believe that evicting children - during a global pandemic, during the winter, in the midst of one of the most difficult school years since World War II - would be a human rights catastrophe unbefitting our city’s aspirations and stated commitments to equity.

We ask that the RRHA Board establish an unambiguous policy that no family with RPS students shall be evicted during the current academic year.

Richmond Public Schools students and teachers are already under extraordinary strain due to mitigating the harm from the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to teach and learn.  The fallout from mass evictions on this scale would land disproportionately upon RPS teachers, staff, social workers, and administrators. 

We appreciate that outreach steps have already been taken to enroll RHHA residents in available rental assistance programs and that the housing authority has committed not to evict anyone participating actively in such programs.

However, we believe even more assertive steps are necessary to avert a major crisis. 

FIRST: Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority should declare immediately that no household with a Richmond Public School student shall be evicted for non-payment of rent prior to the end of the current school year.

SECONDLY: RRHA, the City of Richmond, and Richmond Public Schools should develop by no later than January 31 a collaborative, actionable plan to assure that all public housing residents with schoolchildren are reached and enrolled in available rental assistance programs. 

THIRD: The City of Richmond should work with philanthropic partners to establish, no later than March 31, a community fund for the purpose of assisting families with payment of owed rent accrued during the pandemic. 

This letter of January 3, 2022 outlines a coordinated approach that will give us the best chance of assuring that every resident is fully supported in avoiding evictions, addressing rent obligations, and taking full advantage of opportunities available to them. 

We, the community members united in concern and invested in the success and well-being of RPS students, look forward to seeing the details for a brave, collaborative plan that befits the urgency of this crisis.

1,193 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!