Stop this building-site destroying our home & village

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This building site has been left abandoned, derelict and overgrown for SEVEN YEARS - and it is next to our home.

It is beneath and behind our flat, and adjacent to a PUBLIC pathway in a CONSERVATION AREA, in the historic village of Hampton Wick in Surrey.

The pathway is used by HUNDREDS of people in the local area: commuters, families, children, and the elderly - to access the high street, the train station, the library and multiple residencies, including the assisted housing you can see in the background of the photograph. The site is in FULL VIEW of everyone.

The open foundations and vacant building beneath us are causing subsidence and DAMAGE to our home, as well as destroying the beauty and AMENITIES of Hampton Wick: a historic Tudor village and CONSERVATION area. Dozens of other houses also look down on to the site.

The hole, dug back in 2009, is strewn with rubbish and building materials left by the developer. The empty foundations regularly fill with water and weeds - meaning that we have had to push RICHMOND COUNCIL to issue an Untidy Land notice, called a Section 215. This they've done twice, but it's just a temporary measure, so once again, the weeds are 6ft high and are growing into the brickwork of our house.

Meanwhile what does this say and continue to say about how OUR local council views our village and its residents? What importance does RICHMOND COUNCIL place on CONSERVATION? Absolutely none it would seem. Furthermore, what kind of precedent does this set for would-be developers in our HISTORIC village?

Richmond Council have it in their POWER to get the developer to either FINISH the building he planned or RETURN the land to its former state.

But Richmond Council are refusing to help us  - claiming this situation that THEY have created and EXACERBATED, by granting planning permission in the first place and failing to follow up on, is now suddenly  a 'civil matter'.

Apparently 'their hands are tied' , it's 'not in the public interest', and they 'cannot spend taxpayer's money to further the interests of private individuals'.

This isn't about furthering our interests! Yes the structure of our home would benefit from NOT having open foundations next to it,  but we don't stand to GAIN. We simply want to limit the DAMAGE (that's already been done) to our house, and to feel safe, secure and happy there - basic human rights.

Furthermore we want the village not to continue to be marred by this EYESORE. Local residents are sick and tired of having to walk past this abomination day in, day out, year in, year out.

We want Richmond Council, after SEVEN years of shirking responsibility, and SEVEN YEARS of inactivity to take ACTION and force the developer to FINISH THE BUILD OR REMEDIATE THE LAND.

Please show Richmond Council that this is NOT acceptable and that this absolutely IS in the PUBLIC INTEREST by signing our petition.  Please take just a minute to show your support, it will mean so much to us.

Thank you,

Ingrid & Matthew

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