So hoods and hats can be worn indoors at any school in Richland District 2.

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Have you ever worn a hat in school and been told to take it off multiple times? Do you ever wonder why such an idiotic, unreasonable, and stupid rule exists? Have you ever had an administrator literally CHASE you down the hallway to tell you to remove your hood or hat? If you can say yes to any of these questions you've come to the right place. I'm sick and tired of hearing the same reason when I ask wh​y I​ must remove my hat/hood "because I said so" or EVEN BETTER "because its the rules". Yeah that definitely answers my questions good job! I hope you have completed your life goal. Apparently everything you have done in your life all your decisions has led you to the moment of accomplishment and feeling of joy of chasing down a harmless student telling him to remove his hat or hood. ​Yes teachers d​o have to keep their jobs yes they may be following the rules but guys and girls.....​a hat or hood is an ARTICLE OF CLOTHING its not like im changing the world here. Only reason I made this is so I can wear my hood in peace instead of getting jumped by 3 different teachers in the hall when im just trying to have a GOOD time. Why is this a rule? Surely you know the answer! It's because the SCHOOL BOARD said so. Well I want to make a change because quite honestly i​'​m simply tired of idiots who enforce other idiots rules. So maybe you're wondering is there a actual​ reason for this ridiculous rule?​ Maybe just maybe there is a legitimate reason.​ Nope, i've heard a couple ​but trust me they're laughable ​​so get your popcorn. Here are a couple answers I've been given, "students could possibly be hiding drugs in pockets in their hood" or ​"Students may be trying to hide their faces from cameras" or GET THIS​ "students can be hiding harmful WEAPONS concealed in their hood/hat​"​. OK ​NEWSFLASH the day I see a school shooter whip out a​ steaming​ hot and ready glock or ak-47 out of their HAT or HOOD is the day North Korea successfully nukes America get my point? As for the DRUGS really?!?!?! If someone wants to bring drugs to school they have SO MANY other places they can hide it, even their BOXERS come on now. Furthermore, even if they have it in their hood what is telling them to remove it going to accomplish. See my point?​ EVEN further, the​ point​ that ​students may use a hood or hat to conceal their face is a whole lot of excuses. First of all, do you KNOW how many teachers i've seen wear hats indoors, DO YOU KNOW how many. What makes them special? What says since they're teachers they won't commit a crime? Seems like a whole of discrimination against us students if I say so myself. ALSO, man you gotta be wearing one big hoodie to completely conceal your face, our cameras are not complete trash i'm relatively positive a hat or hoodie will not make much of a difference in identifying a suspect so miss me with that.​ And don't even give me the religious side of the argument that is so situational​.​ ​I​n a private school that is all catholic or all Mormon yes maybe​ that can apply​ but not in a public school full of kids from all ways of life. I don't care if its "tradition" to not wear hats in church i'll follow that rule if i'm at you guessed it...CHURCH, not SCHOOL. And let me continue to BAKE the school, have you seen them huge TRENCH COATS people be wearing? Someone could be hiding an entire military arsenal in one of them junks! Like why is it only hats/hoods, where are the reasons Richland District 2, WHERE​So ​​in conclusion, Richland​ District 2 respectfully,​ ​​HELP CHANGE THE RULE​, have a nice day. ​If you want to help make a change sign the petition below we're going to need a lot thanks for the support.​

P.S. Please remove the rule I wrote an essay and made a petition to get this rule removed, and yes...i'm willing to compromise i'm not an uncultured swine.

​-Madara Uchiha​



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