Stop Hanson's Bunyip North Quarry

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The Mount Cannibal and District Preservation Group Inc. are representatives of local residents who oppose the 'super quarry' proposed by Hanson Construction Materials in the West Gippsland region of Bunyip North. 
Hanson, a subsidiary company of German mining giant, Heidelberg cement, has been acquiring land in the Bunyip North region, initially under the guise of a pastoral company, since 2006.
They now own roughly 800 acres of prime agricultural land, as well as the internationally renowned, Tonimbuk Equestrian Centre.
Hanson is proposing to build a granite quarry which will have a lifespan of 60-100 years and extract two million tonnes of granite per year.
The quarry will be in operation five and a half days a week with maintenance occurring one and a half days a week. Hanson has stated that they will have around 530 truck movements per 12-hour day, which equates to a vehicle travelling on local roads and school bus routes, passing residential properties and attempting to cross the already congested Bunyip/Tonimbuk intersection every 82 seconds.
This intersection does not have a flyover and already poses an issue for residents.
Hanson has also stated that this quarry will only create 7-10 new jobs, an insignificant amount compared to the number of jobs already lost thanks to the company’s presence.  
Hanson’s land sits within a green wedge zone and has an environmentally significant overlay. Within 1500 metres of their land exists around 100 homes. Among these homes are wineries, beef and dairy farms, equine agistments and trainers, orchards and local businesses, all of which will suffer at the hands of the toxic by-products emitted by an incompatible quarry. 
Under 400 metres from Hanson’s land is the state significant Mount Cannibal reserve, while just under three kilometres to the north is the vitally important Bunyip State Park. The site also sits in the centre of the Healesville to Phillip Island Nature Link, a vital bio-link connecting three of Victoria’s iconic ecotourism attractions (Healesville Sanctuary, Puffing Billy and Phillip Island Nature Parks).
Furthermore, Hanson’s proposed quarry sits at the gates of Gippsland; a tourism region that the Victorian Government invites visitors to “explore unspoilt beaches, lakes and mountains…” Among these popular attractions includes ‘Victoria’s Disneyland’, Gumbuya Park, which sits just over 2.5 kilometres from Hanson’s property.  
Additionally, Hanson’s land is quite literally in the middle of the March 2019 bushfire ravaged regions of Garfield North, Bunyip North and Tonimbuk, all of which do not need a super quarry hindering their environmental, social, physical and mental recovery.
Geographically, the hill which Hanson is wanting to mine (via explosives) is one of the highest points in the region, creating disastrous issues for residents of more than 8 kilometres away in terms of toxic silica dust, water, lighting, noise and visual aspects.
This quarry is not compatible with the Bunyip North and surrounding regions and residents demand that an alternate, more appropriate site be chosen. The positives of this quarry do not outweigh the negatives it will bring, and has already brought, to this pristine area and its residents.
Residents have been fighting Hanson for over a decade of their lives. We now ask you to join us and help preserve one of the most beautiful regions of our state and say NO TO HANSON’S PROPOSED BUNYIP NORTH QUARRY.