Save Hoddle Street Retail: Stop the Proposed 24/7 Clearway in Retail Zones!

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Save Hoddle Street Retail: Stop the Proposed 24/7 Clearway in Retail Zones!

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Hoddle Street Community started this petition to Richard Wynne (Member for Richmond)


Hoddle Street is home to many established retail businesses which have called this area home for many decades.  Some of our businesses have been operating on Hoddle Street for over 50 years, while the St Philips Anglican Church has been on Hoddle Street for over 150 years.  Removal of the parking on Hoddle Street would be catastrophic to the small businesses and community in the area.  We need you to protect the parking for our retail and community strip and reject this proposal by VicRoads and the State Government. 

Please stand up for the rights and needs of local small businesses and residents within your electorate.

Recently, we, the traders and establishments of Hoddle Street, have been made aware of a proposition by VicRoads and the State Government to make Hoddle Street a 24/7 Clearway Zone for a dedicated bus lane.  As you would be aware, Hoddle Street does not have the same conditions in opposite directions or at different ends of the Street.  Our retail zone (Johnston Street to Victoria Street, southbound) does not require a 24/7 clearway as proposed, as the peak morning period (6:30am-9:30am) is already a clearway zone.  We believe this existing clearway time is more than sufficient, given there is very little interruption to traffic movement travelling southbound outside of these busy morning times.

Businesses of Hoddle Street were only alerted to this proposition as recently as September 4th by VicRoads and the State Government.

The timeline given for the proposal consultation period (September 4th-November 5th) and following this, the immediate actioning of 24/7 clearways (“late 2017”) with no talk of financial compensation is nothing short of cruel to small businesses, many of whom are locked in to 5+ year lease contracts. This will ultimately see many of our businesses forced into poorly researched, hastily organised, and financially catastrophic moves in order to simply try to stay alive, rather than continuing to thrive in our current locations.

Businesses along this busy strip are highly dependent on this parking, and if this parking was to be taken away, the great majority of these businesses would need to relocate, or face the threat of closing down altogether due to loss of trade from the lack of available parking for our customers.

We, the undersigned business owners, staff, customers, residents, property owners, and concerned citizens wish to inform you, Hon Richard Wynne, that we firmly oppose the VicRoads 24/7 Clearway Proposal on the grounds that:

  • The timeline of this project and its outcomes is insufficient for the local community and local business owners to adjust their parking requirements.
  • The level of consultation with local residents and business owners has been insufficient.
  • The financial impact of the proposed changes on local businesses has not been considered.
  • The businesses and residences located along Hoddle Street require parking and the loss of this parking is not being adequately replaced. The reduction in parking on Hoddle Street will have an increased impact on the side streets within Collingwood, Abbotsford and Richmond.
  • The outcome of this project (saving busses a few minutes on their commute) is not worth the loss of livelihood of all of the established Hoddle Street traders.
  • A 24/7 clearway for dedicated bus lanes does not respond to the neighbourhood character or the established streetscape of Hoddle Street.
  • We dispute the statistics provided to date by VicRoads concerning bus capacities, traffic flow and timing, bus speeds, and car space usage.
  • We feel this proposal is a blanket approach which has not adequately investigated traffic conditions within each sub-section of Hoddle Street and has sought to simply label the entirety of Hoddle Street a traffic issue in all directions, at all intersections, at all times, which is simply not the case.

We ask that you reject this cruel proposal by VicRoads and stand up for the rights and needs of local businesses and residents within your electorate.


Hoddle Street Community

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This petition had 862 supporters

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