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Kevin Duffy, an associate psychology professor at Dalhousie, has made it his life’s work to find a cure for amblyopia, more commonly known as lazy eye. To that end, he and his colleagues in the neuroscience department have used kittens and adult cats as stand-ins for humans in the lab, using animals bred at the school specifically for this task. 

Basically, the research includes sewing kittens’ (or adult cats’) eyes shut for 10 days and having them live in blackout rooms. The article says the kittens are adopted at the end of the research.  So they feel it's justified if the kittens are adopted at the end of the research??  Doesn't matter what they suffered during these tests???  This is disgusting. 

A master’s thesis on experiments done at the school and published last year says adult cats were used in similar fashion, then some were euthanized so their brains could be removed and examined.

This must be stopped.  These people have no right to do this to cats and/or kittens.  It is inhumane!!!   Read this article:

Please sign this petition to stop testing on not just cats but ALL animals at Dalhousie University!

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