Make Our Schools Safe

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Rep. Wendell Gilliard, D-Charleston, has proposed a bill to have metal detectors added to every public school in South Carolina. Unfortunately, this bill is not getting much traction because of the cost.

 How many more children have to die at the hands of a shooter in our schools before we do something?  I know a lot of people think gun control will solve the problem, but we can’t afford to wait anymore on the gun control debate.  Something has to change now. 

 Our schools are too easily accessible to anyone that wants to enter them. There


are no screening procedures or security that anyone has to go through.  My niece’s college dormitory has more security than our public schools.  Some schools don’t even have a full-time resource officer in them. 

 Why is it that I go through more security at the airport, courthouse, and at college football games, than at our public schools?  I think our children should be given the same protection in the public schools as those that visit these other venues.  I know it takes money to do this, but we always find a way to fund what we make a priority. 

 I’m asking you to sign this petition to show your support for bill H 4386.  Please help make our schools safer. 


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