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Ask Animal Planet to Ditch New Show That Promotes Irrational Fear of Wildlife

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Animal Planet has recently launched a new program called "I Was Prey" that "recounts the hauntingly true stories of people who found themselves in a life or death situation, face-to-face with a dangerous animal."

At a time when we are facing the Sixth Mass Extinction and a renewed worldwide War on Wildlife, it is crucial to many species' survival that we foster coexistence rather than perpetuate the nonsensical myth that wild animals are "out to get us." The promotion of unfounded fear-mongering and irrational hatred of animals who are simply responding to frustration from captivity or protecting their young or territories is not only irresponsible, but counter-productive to the acceptance of the animals we share this planet with. Additionally, the long-term success of predator reintroduction programs is vitally dependent on consistent and factual messaging that "I Was Prey" does not provide.

Please join me in politely asking Animal Planet to discontinue "I Was Prey" and focus on programming that raises awareness of the dire situations many of these animals are facing in species decline and extinctions. Their fate is in our hands; we must do everything we can to help them, and "I Was Prey" most certainly does not achieve this.


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