Remove Norman Birenbaum from Rhode Island Department of Business

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Rhode Island is plagued by misguided leadership and seemingly criminal cronyism when it comes to the medical cannabis program. This is for a lack of confidence vote in Norman Birenbaum. Norman has zero experience or history as a Rhode Island native. It is disgraceful that he is in charge of our states future in the cannabis industry. Rhode Island could be a leader without it’s over zealous and over reaching department of business. They have implemented zero consumer safety regulations and has illegal private meetings with closed groups of individual business owners. He’s created zero diversity and is promoting a racially non diverse program of whomever he sees fit. Norman uses his position as a state official to destroy small business and inflict grave harm to private business which appears illegal under state and federal law. Rhode Island needs a leader and a local for this position. Let’s show them that we  are not a source of revenue to the state. We are medical patients.