Free Patricia Jane Albright - Serving 5.5 years for CA legal Cannabis

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Patricia Jane Albright, is serving 5.5 years in federal prison for legally growing medical cannabis in California. She was raided by the federal government in 2010 and began serving her sentence in February of 2016. She is 67 years old, and the most generous, loving, loyal, hard-working woman that i know. She values community and making the world a better place. She learned to make cannabis butter over twenty years ago when her son Trevor was suffering from a cancer that blinded him and eventually took his life at the tender age of 10. 

A petition for Patricia's clemency has just been submitted to the White House. Please provide your support to give Patricia the attention she needs to be granted clemency by Thanksgiving. She has a wonderful home and employment being offered. She lost everything she owned in this battle including her dog Shiba and the beautiful home she built and raised her three children. It is a crime to be spending our tax dollars incarcerating her. She makes about $24 per month in the prison system, has no access to the internet, the food is  slop, and women die there on a regular basis. Patricia has been teaching yoga and meditation to the women in prison and trying to make the best of her situation. Let's show her and the white house our support. 

Patricia is listed on the CAN-DO Foundation website. This organization is helping to find justice for amazing people like Patricia through Clemency.

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