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Give Mr Magic a shoutout at RFLAN #59

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What does it mean to be recognised?

To be recognised is to be noticed, and as a gamer that is all any of us want. We pursue greatness, to become the best no matter the cost. I, Mr Magic am no different from the lot of you, I put my heart and soul into every game I play striving to be at the top. Like with anything we need to take the first step, and this first step of mine is on that petition right there. This petition will put not only myself on the gaming map, but also the RFLAN community, a small group of gamers all united and aiming for a competitive yet friendly get together. By signing this petition of mine, you'll prove at least two things. You'll be showing how kind and caring us gamers can be, but more importantly how we stand together looking after one another in times of need, and believe me... I need this. Know that I am not telling anybody to sign it, I am merely pleading from one gamer to another, to find it in your heart to lookout for the little guy. Thank you!

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