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Nigel Wood RFL vote of no confidence

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Earlier in the week it was announced that Nigel Wood head of the Rugby Football League was paid a total of £314,000 for 2016, an increase from a reported £204,000 in 2013.

Below there are various sources of information during Mr Wood's time as the head of the game and highlights the choices that have had a negative impact on the sport.

To start there is information on Mr Wood's first season in charge (2007) up until the last full season (2016). Below is then a timeline containing various episodes that has happened over his term.

If you think Mr Wood is not the  man to lead the RFL then please sign the petition and send a message that the fans do not support him.  

2007 compared to 2016

 Salary cap (Super League)

2007  £1.6m                                       

2016    £1.85m

Challenge cup final attendance

2007       84,241               

2016      76,235 

Average SL attendance   

2007      9,855                               

2016      ‎9,134

Player Participation

2007      131,900                         

2017       44,900

  • Sport England grant money for 2017 was 10.75 million. this is a 38% deduction from the previous four-year cycle.
  •  A general decline in the standard of Super league.
  • A decline in the standard of match officials.
  • The decline of reserve teams within SL / champ clubs.
  • There has been no Great Britain team since 2007.
  • The national side has failed to beat Australia under Nigel Wood.
  • Bradford bulls entering administration on numerous times after a number of owners was accepted by the RFL.
  • A Decline in media coverage.
  • The Loss of top English players to NRL and RFU due to salary cap restrictions.


The introduction of the "club call"

The top 6 increased to the top 8 teams for the playoffs (meaning over half the teams make the playoffs)

The introduction of licensing that was eventually scrapped  meaning clubs like Leigh, Fev, Halifax, and Widnes swept aside to make way for Celtic Crusaders and Salford to make it a 14 team league.


The non event  that was England v Exiles that lasted 3 years and then was scrapped.


The doomed Stobart deal trucks with 100 Super League Graphics on the side.

"We had lots of interest and there was more than one offer on the table but, without a shadow of doubt, the offer from Stobart was one the RFL and the clubs themselves thought was too good to turn down" Nigel Wood.

The League signed a three-year deal with Stobart in January, but the clubs have decided to exercise an opt-out clause after 12 months.

Celtic crusaders withdraw Super League application.


Super league had no sponsorship= no problem apparently says Wood.

 Appointment of Ralf Rimmer.

 Appointment of Brian Barwick ..........................what does he do ? 


The "club call" idea scrapped.

No England home fixture after a successful 2013 world cup ................ LEGACY ????

Accepting the first offer put on the table by sky 200m for 5 seasons.


 Sport England reduce rugby league funding.

 Wood changes the league structure yet again as it is cut to 12.


 Joe Cobb becoming the third 'man in the middle' to quit within 12 months George Stokes and Matt Thomason.

 WRL has confirmed that the RFL will cut £70,000 in funding from junior development at the end of 2016.

Super and middle 8s introduced along with controversial MPG.

 Announcing the four nations venues with only 6 months notice. 1 game being a double header in non heartland Coventry played in front of only 21,009 in a stadium capacity of 32,609 on a freezing evening on bonfire night.


A England training camp to Dubai cancelled costing the game £100,000+

Sport England grant money  10.75 million 38% deduction from the previous four-year cycle.

 Sheffield Eagles, York City Knights and Swinton lions enter financial difficulties.

Charging fans to stream Englands ONLY warm up match before the world cup and turning down the exposure to 1 million plus viewers on BBC who had only reportedly offered 10k as they was only given 6 weeks notice !!! the RFL then refused to release any figures on how many paid for the stream.

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