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State Attorneys General: File Lawsuit to Nullify 2016 Federal Elections

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We're pushing for a revote because we don't know whether Russia or voters determined 2016 election results. When we began this process, no one could find a legally valid argument for a revote. In early 2016, Jerroll Sanders--a non-attorney--formulated a unique constitutionally sound revote argument based upon Article IV, Sec. 4. She wrote legal briefs and advanced a citizen case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court under the name of three women from Massachusetts. The women subsequently broke from the group and began falsely claiming they had a part in formulating the Article IV legal argument and writing writs for which Jerroll owns the copyright. Due to their interventions, we lost a lot of time but we never abandoned our push for a revote.

Our new revote strategy is the best one yet! It involves finding at least one--preferably more--state attorneys general who will file a revote case at the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to nullify the 2016 election. If the Supreme Court grants the request, everyone in the Trump Administration and all members voted into Congress in 2016 will be forced to vacate their offices. Nullification of the election will also lead to a rollback of all laws, policies, appointments and enactments accomplished by the Trump Administration and 115th Congress. Now that's how you redress a stolen election!

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