Revoke the "Restricted Dog" declaration on Ruby, a much loved family pet

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On the 4th of February 2014, a much loved family dog named Ruby was impounded by Ku-Ring-Gai Council in Sydney, Australia, after escaping her property. She was found playing with the children at the local primary school.

Upon impounding it was found that Ruby had been declared a Restricted Dog (a 'Pit Bull Terrier' cross) by the Hills Shire Council in Sydney in 2011, when she was owned by someone else. New South Wales legislation allows an owner to contest this declaration through a breed and/or temperament assessment however her previous owner had not carried this out when the Council notified him of their intention to declare her restricted, which meant that Ruby was automatically declared a 'Restricted Dog' without further assessment or any appeal.

Under this same legislation, a Restricted Dog cannot be rehomed. When Ruby's owners took her on they had no idea of this declaration and are now devastated as she is not legally allowed to be released to them. She has currently been impounded for over two weeks.

The Hills Shire Council can rectify this and give Ruby a second chance. Under the New South Wales Guidelines, the declaring Council can revoke the Restricted Dog declaration on Ruby, to allow the process to be started again so she can be breed and temperament assessed, as she should have been back in 2011. Ruby's temperament is impeccable and both Ku-Ring-Gai Council and Ruby's owners are confident she will pass any temperament test administered.

When requested to do this by both Ruby's owners and Ku-Ring-Gai Council, the Hills Shire Council took two weeks to respond and then informed the owners that the answer was no - essentially signing Ruby's death warrant, as her previous owner is unable to reclaim her. 

There is no reason for the Hills Shire Council to deny this request. Ruby has never been involved in any aggressive incidents, and she was never afforded a breed or temperament test as she deserved when they first declared her Restricted. She has a loving and responsible family willing to do anything they need to to bring her home, and Ku-Ring-gai Council are more than happy to have her residing within their council area after she has been breed and temperament tested as per the legislation.

Only two months ago, Blacktown Council in Sydney revoked a declaration on another dog in very similar circumstances - why won't the Hills Shire do the same?

We as a community expect better from our Councils. We expect them to do everything possible to keep dogs that have caused no harm with their loving families. We understand that they are working within faulty legislation that includes breed-specific restrictions, and that sometimes they have absolutely no choice or wiggle room when it comes to the outcomes of individual dogs and families. This is NOT the case with Ruby - the Hills Shire Council can afford her a chance while working within all provisions of the NSW Companion Animals Act - and yet they have refused to do so. 

Signing this petition will enable us to send an email to the Hills Shire Council Mayor and Councillors on your behalf, requesting that they do the right thing for Ruby and her loving family, and revoke the declaration. She, and they, should not be punished for her previous owner's inaction, and she deserves her right of appeal.

For those who live within Hills Shire Council, or if you know somebody who does, please email your local Councillor separately and let them know as a voter in the area you expect for them to revoke Ruby's declaration. The contact info for Councillors is here:

While we are fighting for Ruby to be given a chance at life, the impounding costs to her family are rising. Please consider contributing towards the cause. The community's support in cases like this ensure that we can provide families with the best resources and work towards a positive outcome for them and the community as a whole.

Account Name: Team Dog
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Together, we can see Ruby home with her loving family.

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