Revoke neighbor consent for backyard chicken keeping ordinance in Las Vegas

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Las Vegans in the city’s more densely populated residential areas can now keep up to 10 chickens in the yard of their single-family home, if neighbors give their blessing to the backyard flock. Each adjacent property owner to the land where the chickens will be kept must provide their written consent.

We are petitioning the city council to revoke the need for adjacent property owner permission in order to enjoy your pet chickens. Asking neighbors for permission to keep chickens automatically puts a negative stigma on backyard chickens. One does not have to ask permission from their neighbors to own a loud parrot, barking dog, exotic cats, etc. Why does one need to ask permission to have pet chickens since they would be classified as a pet just like dog or other mentioned pets? Requesting permission takes away autonomy over potential chicken keepers properties.

If people wanted to ask for neighbors input or be part of their neighbor's decisions over their property they would live in an HOA. The entire purpose of not being in a HOA is autonomy. Asking for permission from local neighbors can be seen as an annoyance or a burden. Some people do not want their neighbors coming over bothering them for anything. Not everyone has friendly neighbors. Requesting permission to own chickens can feel like a burden plus a sense of responsibility may be felt by the neighbors who agree.

Chickens actually help with controlling bugs, including spiders and scorpions. Some chickens are mouse hunters as well. Hens are much quieter than dogs. During the nighttime hens make no noise as they sleep through the night. Chickens make great pets and bond with their families and flock members. Chicken make no more of a mess in regards to poop than dogs do.

Las Vegas is a transient town with lots of short term renters. Asking for permission to keep chickens from the current set of neighbors does not ensure chicken owners will be protected for the long term. In 6 months the new neighbors may not want to agree. Chickens can live between 5 to 10 years . At any given moment a neighbor can move and a new renter or buyer can take their place which forces people to ask for permission again and creates a very stressful situation for the owners of the chickens. Neighbors can retract their consent at any time, even if the retraction has nothing to do with the chickens. All of this can become a city problem and even an overload on chickens in local shelters if people have to re home their chickens because a neighbor gets upset for any reason.