Revert Overcast Network to 1.7

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Every player that has played on the Overcast Network knows that it worked better in the days of 1.7. The newest version of minecraft 1.9 has completely ruined the competitive scene as it makes pvp very clunky and much more difficult to control.

The update to 1.9 resulted in a lot of experienced players leaving the network due to the effective "restart" in player-vs-player skill.

These experienced and regular players kept the competitive scene alive, creating, reviving and keeping teams thriving by bringing in new players and introducing them to the strong competitive community. 

It's undeniable that the competitive scene of Overcast was what kept peoples interest alive and made them come back to the network as it was different to other servers.

This petition urges the Overcast Network to revert their servers to 1.7. We all know it's not impossible, the developers will have to put in a lot of work and scrap a lot of progress they have made but reverting will bring back a sizeable portion of the competitive community and spark the flame that kept this network alive and growing for so long.

Sign this petition and urge Overcast Network developers to stop current development to undertake the tedious process of creating stable and playable 1.7 servers for the competitive and casual communities.


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