Reconsider re-zoning decision for Revelstoke highway development (Bylaw 2088)

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Recently, our Town Council, by a vote of 3-2, approved rezoning of a bylaw, the effect of which allows a major strip mall development of over 60,000 sq ft and 300 parking spaces to go ahead on the highway. The development would include 11 Businesses and Services that would seriously impact the community, vitality and economy of Revelstoke. The inclusion of a grocery store in this new development is particularly concerning. Grocery stores are 'anchor' services and are proven to alter the flow and pattern of people's shopping habits. People that previously came to downtown Revelstoke for groceries and other services will now opt for the development on the highway, diverting traffic and spillover business away from our vital downtown businesses.  We appreciate Council’s time on this matter, and a sincere effort was made by two councillors to delay a decision that will change how our town operates.

However, we do not agree with the decision.

This major decision runs counter to over 30 years development and investment as per our Official Community Plan, and other initiatives.
For 30 years, the focus of planning and the spending of millions of taxpayer dollars has been to make Revelstoke a town that people had to come in to rather than only stop on the outskirts. This approval runs counter to our historical effort.

Perimeter strip mall development never benefits a small town.
The research and literature on this for the past 20 years is very clear – perimeter strip mall development never benefits a town overall! There is not one case study that says it does. So why would the experience here be any different?

Votes by councilors did not reflect the written and verbal submissions made.
Of the 50 plus submissions made to council either in writing or at the hearing, 72% were NOT in favor of this bylaw amendment.
Who are the Silent Majority that are in favour of the bylaw amendment adding grocery, pharmacy, health services, entertainment to the zoning?

Major decisions should have major input before being made.
Citizens did not have enough information on the pros and cons nor has enough time has been put into research and citizen preference.

We want council to revisit this decision and to make the final decision with appropriate research and input from the people. We want real representation rather than individual councilor speculation and guesswork. Our future is at stake!

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