Restrict iPad use in APS middle school cafeterias (updates to AUP/PIP)

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We are thrilled to learn of the new policy that Dr. Wiggins has implemented at Gunston Middle School restricting iPads to the classroom, where their use is better directed and monitored.  Dr. Wiggins’ decision is consistent with what we understood from the Parental Consent Forms signed in August, namely, that APS-issued devices and technology would be used “for instructional purposes,” not lunchtime entertainment, pursuant to:

 ·       Current APS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP): 

“Use school facilities and electronic resources for school-related instructional and APS business activities.”

·       Current APS Technology Handbook:

“The iPads and MacBook Airs are tools for learning… [to] meet the educational needs of the students in their class(es)…. We believe in helping students learn healthy habits in balancing how they use their time. Students will use technology at school when it is determined by the teacher to enhance or transform the learning for the student… Other times are designated as tech free times…. Use of devices during unstructured time including lunch and recess:  APS strongly advocates that students use recess as an opportunity to be physically active and socialize with their peers.  Students should not eat or drink anything near the iPads (see”How to take care of your iPad”).”

 We are encouraged about the consistency with other APS middle schools and we urge the School Board and Office of the Superintendent to solidify these policies in the summertime updates to the AUP and PIP (policy implementation procedures).   Those updates will ensure that APS electronic resources enhance, and do not detract from, the learning process of middle school students. 

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