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Petition of the residents of Hudson and surrounding communities:

We petition the Town of Hudson and the regulatory authorities concerned to take immediate action to repair the dam, and restore and preserve Pine Lake in Hudson, Quebec. It is our request that the dam and lake be restored without further delay in order to benefit and protect the wildlife that have lost a habitat and a community that has lost an idyllic location that has offered generations of families beauty, tranquillity and countless pleasures.

Pine Lake is a natural environment and wetland developed with tremendous work, investment and care by a group of dedicated Hudson residents more than 70 years ago. It was acquired by the town of Hudson in 1984 with stewardship responsibilities to maintain this lake and its dam. The town has not honoured its commitment that was formalized in a council resolution and deed of sale in 1984. The dam broke in early 2014 and not fixed since then - the lake has emptied, its ecology is not stable and is damaged each time heavy rain floods the area and there has been considerable erosion and damage to the environment. This important catchment basin is not functional. A 2014 petition with more than 1000 signatures, to restore the lake was ignored by the last council. A public commitment was made in October 2017 by the present mayor, to take immediate action to honour the 1984 agreement. This has also not happened and a two year delay has been mentioned, which is completely unacceptable.   

We the undersigned petition the Town of Hudson to save Pine Lake by taking immediate action to repair the dam and fully restore Pine Lake now.