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PLEASE SUPPORT THE REMOVAL OF BYRON SHIRE COUNCIL'S 'DISCO DONG'   The decision that led to the erection of the unpopular ‘disco dong’ is symptomatic of a Council that seems to be in a creative vacuum and has no real arts vision in place for the cultural future of the Shire.
We, as the residents, ratepayers and visitors to Byron Bay urgently request your support for the immediate removal of the recently erected structure at the Bayshore Drive roundabout intersection. This decision was an 'inhouse' decision made by Byron Shire Council's 'Public Art Panel' without reasonable consultation with the community. The so-called 'sculpture' was erected in bureaucratic haste and at considerable cost ($50,000+) and Council is now considering spending a further $32 - $42,000 which includes the artist 'finishing the job', an 'arts consultant' to supervise, and traffic control measures (read yet more hold ups on Ewingsdale Rd)!
There has been a major cultural gap in the Shire since the Easter Arts Classic closed down 2 years ago. The decision to choose the ‘disco dong’ runs in complete opposition to the Council’s own guidelines (see Public Art Policy guidelines on Council’s website). The sculpture meets virtually nil of these guidelines.
If the Council claims to represent the community then they, at the very least, need to stick to the guidelines that they have set…. and that has clearly not happened in this case. There are thousands more $$ currently being considered for allocation towards further projects in the pipeline that, once again, seem to be getting very little community input or exposure. Make your voice heard! Please sign the petition. Next council meeting to discuss this issue takes place on 22 August.