Petition to Keep the Stratford Seawall Safe for Everyone

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I am a Stratford resident, and a Registered Nurse who practices in Oncology at the Smilow Cancer Center. I use the Seawall and adjacent sidewalk on a daily (or multiple times daily) basis. I am so happy to see the changes that have been made at the Seawall in recent weeks to affirm the safety of all Stratford residents and visitors. It is wonderful for me and so many others to be able to walk at the Seawall again without having to go into the street to avoid the obstacles and debris that had overtaken it in recent months. As a health care professional, I also find it refreshing to see our town’s elderly population (many of whom use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs for mobility) able to have safe and complete access to the sidewalk again.

That is why I am asking you to support this petition to keep the Seawall clear, safe, and accessible to everyone.



Patricia Lamb