Stop Doug Ford from stealing from Ontario’s economy and achievements!

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Since newly elected Ontario Premier Doug Ford took Power he has stolen from Ontario’s economy and achievements! Doug is scrapping Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot Program that has 2 years left, leaving thousands of participants at risk, Doug has taken $100M from school repair projects, Doug has ended Ontario’s efforts to fight climate change, Doug has cut $335M for Mental Health Services, Doug has started privatizing OHIP+ prescription drug coverage, Doug has slashed increases to social assistance for the poorest Ontarians, Doug has stopped the $15.00/hr minimum wage increase for those who supply a good percentage of Ontario’s goods and services, Doug took out the new and improved sexual education curriculum for schools! This is only the beginning! Premier Doug Ford frauded his own PC Campaign during the elections and was caught, Doug has stolen millions from his deceased brother’s estate and Mrs. Ford is suing, Doug lied through his teeth to the public and never once had a proper political platform! We need to unite as a Province and get the Legislature at Queen’s Park in Toronto Ontario to hear our voices and stop Mr. Ford from pushing our “Progessive Province” back! We need to put a stop to this before it’s too late! Sign this petition and let us be known and heard!