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Donald Trump Must Resign the GOP Nomination

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With the Washington Post's revelation of a video of Donald Trump joking about his freedom to sexually assault women, the deepest concerns of conservatives about the GOP's presidential candidate have been yet again confirmed, and in the most unambiguous terms yet.

The conservative case against Trump has always been strong, despite many Americans' opposition to a Clinton presidency, but the inexcusable assault on the dignity of women and the maniacal abuse of fame and power displayed in this video demonstrate in no uncertain terms that he is utterly unqualified to hold the highest office in the land. In addition, his pathetic apology "if anyone was offended" reveals that he believes he has done no wrong, except maybe hurt his brand.

Donald Trump believes that the American people are too stupid, too weak, and too afraid to vote against him. He is counting on GOP voters to be so opposed to Clinton that we will vote for Trump no matter how many times he lies, how corrupt he is, how immoral he is, and how terrible his policies are. As Trump has bragged, we have "no choice" but to vote for him because of the Supreme Court nominations, and he could shoot someone and we'd still vote for him. Do not allow this disgusting, incompetent fool make a mockery out of our great nation, the GOP, our faith, our system of government, women, minorities, and the disabled.

Demand that the Republican National Committee, the GOP, donors, Super-PACs, and every politician and leader and pundit who has endorsed Trump to rescind their endorsements, cancel their funding, and call on Trump to resign his nomination.

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