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Physical Therapists have provided dry needing for over fifteen years in Colorado, for tens of thousands of patients, with an overall reported benefit of more than 90% and a reduction in medication use by more than 75%.

Surveying more than 2000 Colorado patients noted that 96% of recipients reported that they would of not of received the same functional improvement under the treatment of a PT without the inclusion of dry needling.

Currently the use of dry needling is authorized under Rule in Colorado for PT's, and has been supported multiple times by the legislature. This is currently under assault by acupuncturist groups and associations with the legal and legislative intent to change the practice of Physical Therapists in Colorado.

Since 2011 PT's have undergone formal post-graduate education, at a post-Doctoral level, after over 3500 hours of formal education with a focus to neuromusculoskeletal impairments, to become a PT, to achieve the additional procedures and knowledge to integrate dry needling into their practice. The CO APTA has received reporting on over 25000 patient treatment sessions (from patients), indicating a substantial health benefit, pain reduction and functional gain for over 95%.

Physical Therapists utilize dry needling as part of an overall approach to the individual management of patients and clients which is based upon a western medicine framework to primarily address trigger points and impairments in muscles and soft tissues.

Efforts to represent dry needling performed by PT's as harmful ignore the data. The infection rate in Colorado for PT's utilizing dry needling is 0.004% per episode, and 0.006% per episode for a puncture to a lung filed. This is very similar to decades of published data on needle/filament insertion by other health care providers, representing a very low risk of serious complication.

HB 18-1155 will ensure the ongoing regulation of Physical Therapists in Colorado, this bill will codify into statute the use of dry needling by Physical Therapists, affirming the Rule already in place, along with other key provisions to modernize the regulation of PT Practice in Colorado. 

Patient's in Colorado speak clearly as to the benefit of dry needling from PT's:

“I think it's the best treatment I've ever had for back pain.” Colorado Resident

“I was able to stop using pain relief meds immediately as a result of dry needling. Overall  improvement of my conditions were immediate.” Colorado Resident

“I feel that it helped me deal with the pain without having to take some kind of pain medicine or narcotic.” Colorado resident

"I have recommended DN to MANY people, telling them of the positive results I have had, when other treatments did not help.” Colorado Resident

Please write to Representative Singer, the Sponsor of HB-1155 to express your support:

We the signatures of this petition, ask the Colorado Legislature to support the ongoing and unchanged practice of physical therapy in the state of Colorado, to continue providing optimal and pain reducing care for Colorado Constituents. HB 18-1155, as amended to include a codification of dry needling into statute, will protect the public by ensuring optimal access to highly trained health care professionals in Colorado.



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