Replace 91 'premium' octane with national standard 93 octane at the pumps in California

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93 octane does not incur any more emissions than 91 and studies have shown it would actually lead to lower emissions.  In addition it would lower the cost of gasoline for consumers since California would no longer have to produce a 'special blend' unique to CA and in an emergency or in-state refinery shutdown, could depend on out-of-state refineries and stockpiles instead.  It would also reduce the logistics chain to produce this special blend for a small portion of the country and thus would reduce the cost for the oil companies over time which they can then pass on to the consumers or to their employees who work in California for the refineries.  Also the special summer vs winter blend practices unique to CA should be looked at to further reduce costs to the consumer and logistical overhead to CA refineries.  Lastly, a study should be conducted to determine if 89 octane should be removed as an option, leaving only regular and premium at the pumps to further reduce costs and logistics.