Re-classify rabbits as non-meat and regulate breeding

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Rabbits are, for thousands of Filipinos a beloved part of the family. These gentle, curious, playful creatures are friends to our species.

These loyal and affectionate bunnies are mean to have cages at least 12 square feet.  However, if you look at virtually every pet store, the cages are hardly big enough for the rabbit to move and are usually very dirty.  This is certainly abuse and this miserable fate befalls so many rabbits.  Breeders and sellers alike also feed them inappropriate stuff like grains and chicken feed in order to quickly fatten them up, but in the long term are dangerous to a rabbit's sensitive digestive system. 

Worst of all, they are raised for meat by some unscrupulous individuals.  We consider these rabbits family!  And yet, they are killed without mercy.  

We are outraged this goes on unabated in our country.  Where is the compassion here?  Where is the care here?  

We, friends of rabbits, will not stand for this treatment of these animals. They are not meant to be hanged by a leg, electrocuted, stabbed, eviscerated and decapitated.  That is just inhuman.  

Please help us help these wonderful creatures.  Please pass:

1) An amendment to the Amended Animal Welfare Law to exclude rabbits from animals that can be killed

2) Implementing guidelines requiring breeders and sellers to 

2.1) Allow for a 12 square foot living quarters per rabbit while being given unlimited grass hay, clean drinking water, soft flooring and not exposed to the elements
2.2) Mandate that rabbit be primarily fed grass hay (90%) and not food for chickens (such as integra), grains, seeds and other food not prescribed specifically for rabbits
2.3) Provide mandatory education for buyers by means of a flyer discussing rabbit diet, rabbit care, and estimate costs of quarterly vet check-ups
2.4) Sell rabbit's primary food in their stores (grass hay). 

We'd gladly help draft all the requirements to push these amendments and implementing guidelines.    Please also listen to the pleas of these rabbit owners here:

Please help make our society more humane and kind to animals.  Let's take this first step.



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