Don't Move the Strip Clubs

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Let Reno city council know you DO NOT support the proposed changes to the Adult Business Ordinances.

On April 11th, 2018 the City Council held yet another meeting to discuss the new proposed adult business ordinances.  Reno has a total of 7 adult businesses consisting of 5 adult entertainment venues, 1 adult video store, and 1 adult bookstore.  The amount of Reno City employee time spent on these seven businesses probably exceeds time spent on affordable housing for hundreds of families.

The proposed ordinances attempt to force these seven adult businesses and their patrons into industrial areas around this city.  These adult entertainment businesses have operated in their current locations for over 20 years with ZERO citations and much fewer police calls for services than any of their neighbors, including nearby casinos.  These businesses are an integral part of their respective neighborhoods and have contributed millions of dollars to our local economy and city in terms of taxes and attracting tourists.  These clubs are no more risqué than the casinos next door, which not only features topless pole dancing in reviews like “Tease” at Harrah’s but have liquor and gaming right next to areas visited by underaged patrons.  These adult businesses have less so-called “secondary effects” than the disco dance halls of their neighbors, which have been home to murders and other violent crimes.  The new regulations would take away the clubs’ right to sell liquor, thereby automatically lowering the admission age to 18 and over rather than 21 as it is now.

The downtown area has always been an adult’s playground, whether it’s gambling at a casino or going to one of the few adult entertainment venues we have.  These proposed ordinances would require the local businesses to be dispersed throughout our city into areas with decreased police presence, in comparison to their current locations downtown.  Although labeled “industrial” areas, many of these sites are adjacent to homes, Cheer Gyms and other kid friendly venues.  Mayor Hillary Schieve, who had a part in initiating the effort to remove of adult businesses from downtown, acknowledged that moving the strip clubs from their current locations to industrial areas would not be the best idea because it would force any alleged illegal activities away from the eyes of the regulators.  The new proposed business ordinances will give the adult businesses the ability to be no less than 750 feet to any residential areas, schools, and parks that are located near or in the allowable zoning locations.  Making them closer to where our families live, and children play.  Keeping them in their current downtown locations provides a safer environment for all the family orientated activities that are in the industrial areas the city is forcing adult business to relocate to.

The existing venues provide a safe place for their entertainers to earn income and keep them from the life of prostitution.  The clubs are not a place where sex is sold; they are a business selling a chance to see an exotic dance under very controlled and safe conditions.  All the clubs employ well-trained staff with years of experience to enforce strict policies about drug use and prostitution, not only within the workplace, but outside of it as well.  Without these adult entertainment venues many of the women would most likely end up selling their bodies rather than selling the exotic dance. 

Reno’s proposed new adult entertainment ordinances will not make strip clubs illegal, but it may make it easier for illegal actives to occur at these clubs.  It will simply encourage them to move to residential neighborhoods, go fully nude, and admit 18 years old.  Please let the Reno City Council know that the adult entertainment venues are now located exactly where they belong and urge the council members to VOTE NO on the proposed adult entertainment ordinance scheme.

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