Por un servicio digno de Cercanías y Regionales

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TWITTER: @IndignatsRenfe         Desde hace años, los usuarios de Renfe Cercanías y Media Distancia llevamos sufriendo retrasos continuos, cancelaciones repentinas y pésimo estado de los trenes (trenes con extremo ruido, puertas de fusibles abiertas, falta de accesibilidad a personas con movilidad reducida). Desde hace unos meses, esta situación se ha agudizado y sufrimos, más que nunca, esta clase de incidencias que nos impiden llegar al trabajo y a clase a tiempo. Y lo peor: la compensación de Renfe tras estos problemas DIARIOS siempre es un simple "disculpen las molestias".

Ante el descarado pasotismo de Renfe y el Ministerio de Fomento ante esta situación, los ciudadanos nos hemos organizado en la plataforma y grupo INDIGNATS AMB RENFE (en Twitter: @IndignatsRenfe) y exigimos un transporte fiable, sostenible, asequible y accesible.


Critical situation in the Spanish Cercanias trains

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/indignatsrenfe?lang=ca          The group and platform Indignats amb Renfe has emerged due to the critical situation which has been taking place in the Cercanias trains that connect more than 50 towns and cities in the Valencian Community. These trains pick up around 40,000 passengers EVERY DAY who travel in extremely poor conditions.

This is the CURRENT SITUATION in the Valencian area:

- A lack of safety due to the poor maintenance of trains (there are very few workers, therefore many trains aren’t checked properly).

- A lack of accessibility for disabled people (more than 50% of the trains have not got proper access for wheelchair users, and this is just an example, there are many more).

- Sudden cancellations (no matter what time – sometimes they cancel trains at rush hours, so it is common for people to be late for work, meetings, university and exams).

- A lack of responsibility from the company (if you are late for work, for an exam or for an appointment due to their common delays, they NEVER give you your money back).

- Daily delays in most of the trains (sometimes 5 or 10 minutes, but in other occasions, more than 15 or 20 minutes). The company (RENFE) barely ever accomplishes the train schedules that they set.

- A lack of security (there are no security guards on most trains nor most stations).

- Automatic ticket machines (the only option to buy a train ticket in many stations) are old and poorly maintained, which causes trouble when buying tickets.

- A lack of sustainability (because of this critical situation of trains, more and more people have given up on using the train to go to work/university, which means more pollution and more traffic jams).

- Mistreating of people by Renfe’s workers (when you get to the main stations, you can see some of the company’s workers checking on passengers when getting off the train, to check that every single person validates their ticket again to get out of the station).

- A lack of consideration for people (piling up passengers on rush trains up to the point that they travel in extremely poor conditions, they can’t move in the train due to overcrowding and many even suffer anxiety attacks).

- A lack of communication (when there is a cancellation or delay, passengers are not informed of this nor the causes that produced this).

- Poor condition of trains (more than 70 % are old, consequently they break down easily, they make a lot of noise which can even cause headaches, and they are uncomfortable).

RENFE is not obeying the principles of:

- RELIABILITY (trains are BARELY EVER on time).

- SUSTAINABILITY (due to the poor service, more and more people decide to use the car instead).

- ACCESSIBILITY (most trains are not adapted for disabled people).

- AFFORDABILITY (a return ticket for 6 zones – 1 hour each way – is €11,60, which is incredibly expensive taking into account the minimum wage in Spain, which is €858 per month)

- SECURITY (trains are not supervised and lack maintenance, which can lead to accidents).

- HUMANITY (people are treated like sheep, making them queue for ages to get out of some main stations as they are obliged to validate their tickets again when they arrive at their destination, and when they cancel a train or in rush hour, people suffer from anxiety or faint due to the overcrowding on trains).

- HEALTH CARE (some trains, like those from Valencia to Buñol, use petrol and are not in good condition, as you can even smell the exhaust gases produced inside these trains).