Renew The Wonder Years for a second season

Renew The Wonder Years for a second season

April 13, 2022
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Started by Freya Ruehr

Whereas; people deserve a comforting wholesome show like that in these troubled times but it deserves to not just be associated with them like it'd be if it lasted one season given all the current-day-parallels drawn in the intro to the pilot

Whereas; if "the black Wonder Years" goes on for fewer seasons than "the white Wonder Years" people would see that as racist for implying black people's stories are lesser especially with the connection to the original in the ending scene of the S1 finale of the new one leading people to see it as just "black people pushing white people's narratives" if the show ended right then and there

Whereas; for a period sitcom like it it's a breath of fresh air A. by being set in the 60s instead of the 80s like it seems a lot of the period sitcoms these days are (perhaps trying to ape The Goldbergs) and B. by having a smart young lead who (in addition to being black and thus able to serve as a role model for nerdy black boys everywhere) doesn't come with the annoyance and prequel-baggage Sheldon Cooper does on Young Sheldon.

Whereas; it can prove enlightening and educational for those who think the 60s was either metaphorically like the old Archie comics or some giant hippie flower-power lovefest and those who only know about black issues of that time from the broad strokes schools teach about the Civil Rights movement during Black history month. However it teaches those struggles (and other sociopolitical ones too, look at the take your kid to work day episode) by showing people living them and not doing what Black-ish does when it gets particularly educational and hitting you over the head with them.

Whereas; Dean Williams is not only a revolutionary protagonist for being a young black nerd, but being a young black male in touch with his emotions. Other protagonists on similar contemporaneous shows like Sheldon Cooper or Adam Goldberg sure are "geeky and relatable" but the non-narrator young them has a tendency to come off as insufferable and selfish yet still end up right. Dean's still allowed to make mistakes and have his emotions run wild but you can tell that the narrative isn't standing behind his choices and he's as often (subverting the aggressive black male stereotype) being the mediator when someone else is being a complete rear end, this shows kids like him their emotions are valid but that they can also be the peacemaker and learn from their mistakes.

Whereas; if despite having a similar protagonist and format its lead-in The Goldbergs is allowed to go on metaphorically forever while this new Wonder Years only lasts one season, that sends the message that painful stereotypes, crude humor and "let's make as many pop culture references to indicate what decade we're in as possible in case no one could figure it out" are more important than representation (of both minorities and their relevant political issues), good family dynamics and optimism

Therefore; ABC should renew the 2021 The Wonder Years for a second season


This petition made change with 9 supporters!

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