Renew Dark Matter: The Five Year Plan

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Renew Dark Matter: The Five Year Plan

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Started by King Kinvar

Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, Carl Sagan, and more recently Neil deGrasse Tyson, all just a few of the biggest names when it comes to learning about our world, and the universe around it. If not for their work, awesome television programming like Star Trek, Stargate (series), and now, Dark Matter, might not have ever existed.

While I look to these brilliant men when wanting to learn, I go to my television for learning and entertainment. I didn't know White Holes were (theoretically) a thing, until this show. These types of programming have helped to not only jump start my interest in learning about the universe around me, but they have continually kept me interested.

I wonder, how many other little boys and girls are also getting interested in learning about their universe, because of programming like this? There was an episode where the crew of the Raza time traveled. The relative distance to a star and the calculated time jump were perfect math, according to a few associate who enjoys the show.

For years, we've been told that the 'telly box' will rot our minds. But not so long as awesome programming like Dark Matter is around, to not only entertain, but to also educate.

Dark Matter also has a diverse cast of multiple ethnicities and genders and ages, and also shows them engaging with each other in a realistic way, something that often is found lacking in other programs.

The call to action is this. Syfy channel, please reevaluate your decision to cancel this gem of a show. Please give it more consideration. If you come to the same conclusion, please make efforts to allow Netflix to produce more episode, as they've done with other shows. Netflix, please take an interest in taking over production should Syfy remain steadfast by their decision to cancel this show. The actors are still age appropriate for the roles, since the show is only recently cancelled. 

Please keep great television shows on the air, with new episodes and seasons and stories. Please resume Dark Matter production. The creator had (already completed) a five year plan for the show, which would bring all of the stories to a head and a conclusion. The amount of work put into this show, to cancel it feel like a betrayal.


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This petition had 3,158 supporters

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