Renaming of Riverfront Skate park in honor of Ryan "Sassy" Massie

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Riverfront Skate park is a beautifully quaint and quietly nestled park for skateboarders and any wheel activities alike located near the train trestles of the James River all the way at the bottom of 9th St./Jefferson St.

 In lieu of recent events                                                                                  On July 13, 2018 our Community was hit hard by the unfortunate passing of Lynchburg resident and beloved friend Ryan “Sassy” Massie who was a regular patron of the Skate park.

The community has come together to raise funds for his family to help with funeral cost and now we would like to honor him by changing the name of Riverfront Skate park in remembrance of him.

Please sign the petition to change the name AND please vote for the name that we can change it to!

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Thank you so much for your support and the outpouring of love from our amazing community!

Sassy would be so grateful...

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