Rename Hadley Park: Malcolm X Park

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     Hadley park was formerly a slave plantation owned by a white slave-owner named John L. Hadley & his family which had lived on the site. Once the plantation was made into a park after centuries of slavery, the city named it after Hadley to honor him. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!

     So today in 2018, at the heart of a very culturally enriched predominately Black part of Nashville, lies a park whose name promotes & honors slavery, the evils of white supremacy, & racism. The main occupants of this park are predominantly Black & It's beyond embarrassing & degrading for Black people to have to socialize in a park in their neighborhood that is named after a man that owned and abused their ancestors.

     WE WILL NO LONGER STAND FOR THIS RACIST ATROCITY! We demand that our park be renamed Malcolm X park. Replacing the racist name of Hadley with the name of a man that taught us to stand up for what believe in & to fight for justice and equality will give our community a new since of dignity, humanity, & pride. 

     We owe it to the slaves that were forced to work on the Hadley plantation & we owe it to the Nashville community to right this wrong. Sign this petition and spread the word !

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