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Remove Mercy from Overwatch

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Over the past several months, as Ana becomes common place at the pro-level and normative in platinum and beyond, Mercy has become a massive liability to the game and now ruins the experience of most players. Her healing is weak in comparison to Ana and she performs poor damage. She also needs constant protection, which distracts the team from the objective, and is relatively easy for opponents to take out. Her damage boost is also worse than mediocre in comparison to both Ana's and Orisa's ultimates. At the end of the day, Mercy is only good one thing and one thing only, and if she doesn't fulfill that one thing (her Resurrect), she's basically useless. Let's be honest here, the last time Mercy ever pulled off her ultimate was at the launch of the game. It's not hard for Roadhog to hook her around a corner and one-shot kill her before she can use it. Playing "hide and go seek" is not a viable strategy for Mercy.

I just want to be able to have a quality game again and make Overwatch a great experience for the community. This will require the developers to step in and make changes. Thank you for reading and please sign my petition.

(April 1st, 2017)

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