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Remove Judge Frederick G. Reed

 People within Ontario county are outraged after discovering that a New York State Judge granted a woman Sierra Olschewske and her significant other Eric Frederick custody without following proper family court policies and guidelines. Initially, Sierra was granted temporary custody, not even a full year later she was then given permanent custody. This was done despite not having a background check, which is required by all parties filing for guardianship. This petition is being started in hopes to remove the Judge responsible for putting a child, Arianna Waye in ongoing danger.

Sierra, Arianna’s estranged half-sister has a long history of drug abuse and criminal activity, including stealing medications, money and performing sexual favors for illegal drugs. Pregnant at the time, Sierra admitted to using drugs to the appointed Ontario county caseworker.  A drug screening was demanded knowing this information and despite the urgency to have one performed, the screening was delayed beyond sixty days. Thus, giving Sierra an ample amount of time to cleanse her system of any drugs. She has since given birth and nothing has been done to have these children removed from this horrific situation.

Since being in her sister’s custody, Arianna has failed 10th grade, summer school and has been actively participating in child pornography, sexting, self-harming acts and arrested for petty larceny. The judge ordered and made his decisions on guardianship without any consideration given to State Trooper report (7/2017), proof of pornography, academic decline and the feelings of both the former guardians.

 I am currently seeking the protection and removal of these children and that adequate placement be secured with a mature guardian that these children so desperately need, as the overturning of Judge Reed’s decision won’t be enough. Child Advocates believe Reed must be removed from the bench. You can stand with them by signing and share this petition if you agree and would like to end the SILENCE.