Remove health reminder from PUBG Mobile

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Many of the PUBG Mobile players have recently encountered a update which have featured health reminder.

This reminder is occurring when a player have played for more than 6 hours. For players under 18 this is limited to 4 hours only.

This update isn't being appreciated by the community. As many of the top rankers and streamers are facing problems resulting in sort of decline on thier channels.

Also it is being said to ban PUBG Mobile in India. From our opinion it is just a video game which is appreciated by the gamer community in India and have became viral. There are other games which have larger player base than PUBG Mobile but since it is a free to play game and accesible to mostly all devices, it stands out from crowd.

The Indian government all of sudden bringing this matter up in the crowd is likely due to the election fever. From oyr opinion games can be of any shape or form. If Indian government is trying of imposing ban on PUBG Mobile, so why not to ban cricket as well. Cricket is also a game and also have a huge fan base. Most people are addicted to cricket as well. 

Most of the memers and jounralists have posted false news regarding PUBG Mobile which have made parents and elderly accusing the game. 

We want to you to sign this petition so we can proove that PUBG Mobile is harmless and remove the health reminder from PUBG Mobile. So that the community can play the game without any further problems.