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Remembrance Parks - Central Victoria, are demanding that we make changes to my little sisters grave within the next 21 days after they received several apparent "complaints", their issue is the colour of the seat and concrete and number of decorative items next to the plaque, none of which encroach on the neighboring graves. This 21 days finishes on what would have been Kirra's 24th birthday... 9th of June 2017.

Kirra Rose Sim lost her life in a car accident on Fathers day 2012, at only 19 years of age. This as you could imagine has absolutely devastated our family and friends beyond words!! If we are made to remove these personal touches that mean so much to us it will destroy Mum, in a way that only a parent who has lost a child could know.

Kirra's grave is a place for us all to go and be close to her, a place that we keep in the best possibe condition and is a reflection of her.

Mum visits almost daily and always makes sure that everything is neat, tidy and clean. She trims and waters the grass and wipes down the chair we had installed (with permission), this seat is for anyone to use.

The grave is a little brighter than most, and therefore doesn't comply with their guidlines. It only takes a short walk around the cemetry park to see that these guidlines are unreasonable as there are countless graves outside of these guidlines... WHY IS KIRRA'S GRAVE BEING SINGLED OUT?

Please sign and share this pertition with your family and friends and help us show that there is nothing wrong with Kirra's grave and that Remembrance Parks Central Victoria need to back off.

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