Systemic racism In Progress

Systemic racism In Progress

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State v. Kevin Lloyd Ind. Nos.: 09-10-2752 

Kevin Lloyd is a man that was convicted of Attempted Murder without the victim attending or testifying at his trial. After conviction Mr. Lloyd requested that his attorney send out an investigator to find the victim. Three months later the victim was found and gave a statement that exonerated him. During the evidentiary hearing, after the new trial petition, the victim testified that Mr. Lloyd did not shoot him and named the shooter. The victim’s testimony was corroborated by the Newark Crime Scene Units reports. The judge denied his petition for a new trial stating he did not believe anything the victim testified too. There is no physical evidence in this case tied to the defendant with the exception of a shirt that had his DNA on the collar. If the defendant was running and took off his shirt and threw it, how could his DNA only be found on the collar? There are a lot of questionable events that took place in this indictment like why did the victim not testify? Was it because he was stating the defendant did not do it? Why was it not in the records that the victim signed himself out the hospital without medical treatment? Mr. Lloyd was sentenced to a Life sentence for a charge that should carry at most 20 years maximum according to the NJ statutes. After a remand from the Appellate court, Mr. Lloyd was resentenced to an illegal sentence of 30 years. Mr. Lloyd is currently waiting for a decision from the NJ Appellate Court and the NJ Supreme Court. Due to the current pandemic the whole process, that has already been dragging on for years, has been put on hold.
Mr. Lloyd is a fifty year old African-American male who suffers from diabetes, a chronic illness, which leaves him vulnerable to contracting the deadly corona virus. This virus has been the direct result of the deaths of many officers, civilian staff and inmates at Northern State Prison where he is being held. I am requesting that someone immediately look into the judicial procedures that have taken place in this indictment in hopes he can finally receive his due process and that his 9 year wait for relief will not result in a death sentence.
• Mr. Lloyd is convicted. Sentenced to Life in Prison for attempted murder 2011
• Mr. Lloyd's attorney visits him and gives him a document admitting he was ineffective 2011
• Victim makes a statement that Mr. Lloyd did not shoot him 2012
• Appellate Court remands the sentence by the local courts 2016
• Judge denies Mr. Lloyd the right to a jury of his peers 2016
• Post Conviction Relief (PCR) filed by Mr. Lloyd 2016
• Mr. Lloyd re-sentenced by judge to 30 years and told that he could appeal it 2018
• PCR briefs filed by Plaintiff Counsel, Defense Counsel and Pro Se by Mr. Lloyd 2018
• Evidentiary Hearing 2018
• Expert testimony confirmed Mr. Lloyd's document from his trial attorney as authentic. (Document stating he was ineffective) 2018
• Trial Attorney's wife volunteers to testify in favor of Mr. Lloyd’s innocence 2018
• PCR denied by Judge Cifelli 2018

•  Appellate Court Remanded Sentence 2018

  Appellate Court upheld the Judges determination regardless of the evidence 2020

   Mr Lloyd has been waiting since 2018 for a date to be resentenced

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!