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Patch CoH1

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CoH1 has suffered for several years from issues such as bugs, hacking and imbalance. Nothing has been done about the game-play since patch 2.602, and the move to steam with patch 2.7 has created additional problems.

The most well known problems being:

  • Staghound top gunner reload bug (It doesn't stop to reload).
  • M10 Misfire bug.
  • Map-hacking (The most important issue that needs to be addressed).
  • Player levels not appearing on loading screens, and players not being able to reach levels 20 through to 17 on the leader-boards like in previous iterations.
  • When you retreat your units to the Captain, your units sprint as if they are retreating, even after having already retreated. It's an exploit that leads to an unfair advantage, especially when a recon section can sprint towards a sniper and kill him with ease. This is not how the ability is intended to be used, it's broken and needs to be addressed.
  • Sniper spam is a major issue in Company of Heroes, 12ocky has addressed this by adding a negative zeal to grouped snipers. More than two snipers on the field will recieve a negative zeal, similar to pioneers in 2.602.

12ocky has addressed most of these issues, other than the map-hack and rankings. 12ocky is willing to work with Relic Entertainment to implement these fixes. We want Relic Entertainment to get in touch with him if needed, and finally make these issues fixed default for online games.

It is a shame that this product, which is available for purchase today, isn't being looked after to the standard that you expect from the developer.

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