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Pay out on a long term disability claim

I was an employee at HHgregg. When it was time to sign up for insurance I had the option to sign up for long and short term disability. I opted to do so. Every 2 weeks the premium was taken out of my check for my insurance as well as the long and short term disability. In November I started feeling sick but continued to work. After a few weeks I ended up in the hospital. My doctors discovered that my kidneys were failing. I remained in the hospital for three weeks. I contacted Reliance Standard to notify them that I would like to start my short term disability. Everything was fine. Two weeks before my short term disability was to end I contacted Reliance Insurance again to start my long term disability due to the fact that I cannot work. I am on dialysis and awaiting a kidney transplant. It is now 3 months later and I still haven't received 1 long term disability check. Reliance has done everything to stall and give me the run around every time I call.

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  • Reliance Standard Insurance Company (a DELPHI company)

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