Release Khumoyun Rakhmonov / Освободить Хумоюна Рахмонова

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Release Khumoyun Rakhmonov / Освободить Хумоюна Рахмонова

Disabled prisoner has been unlawfully arrested for 7 years now and his family is in danger.

Uzbekistan is a country where the rights to freedom of expression and of association remain severely restricted. Hundreds of people suspected of being in opposition to the government or of being a threat to national security have been secured by the authorities and sent to prisons and detention centres, where torture and other ill-treatment by law enforcement officials is very common. There is credible information that the police and National Security Service (NSS) officers routinely use torture to force suspects, detainees and prisoners into confessing crime or incriminating others. Sentences of 25 years is not uncommon.

Certain categories of prisoners, such as human rights defenders and government critics, are often subjected to severe punishment regimes. The authorities also use threats against relatives of prisoners to prevent families from exposing human rights violations and seeking help from human rights organizations at home and/or abroad. As a result, human rights defenders continue to face routine harassment and violence.

Khumoyun Rakhmonov and his brother Abdusami Rakhmonov had spoken out and criticized the Uzbek authorities for its repression of prisoners of conscience, their use of torture and their practice of extending prison sentences. Khumoyun Rakhmonov was a lawyer and human rights activist who worked for the rights of students and farmers. And although Abdusami was able to escape to Russia in August 2010, and later to the Czech Republic in 2016, Khumoyun was unlawfully arrested in 2010 a few days after his brother's departure. He was supposed to be released last summer, but he was sentenced to a further 3 years and 10 days for allegedly violating prison rules. Arbitrarily extending a prisoner’s sentence is the usual practice in Uzbekistan.

As of 2017, his health has already deteriorated dramatically and he might go completely blind. He is unable to receive visits or send letters, and any information about him is unavailable. His family has already been threatened and his father has been beaten and told that he could disappear. Their family home has been broken into by armed officials multiple times and their electricity and heating was turned off last winter. 

With great international pressure, a few prisoners in Uzbekistan have been released, but many are still in prison for more than 25 years.

Please help now by signing this petition to put pressure on the Uzbek authorities to release Khumoyun Rakhmonov and to ensure that his family is no longer in danger.