Reject Tamil “Genocide Day & Ontario Genocide Education Bill” in Ontario & Canada

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We hereby state that the united Canadian Sri Lankan community in Ontario overwhelmingly oppose and reject the Tamil “Genocide” days proclaimed by Mayor John Tory in Toronto, Mayor Patrick Brown in Brampton, along with the Tamil “Genocide” Education Week Bill that was tabled at the Ontario Parliament by MPP Vijay Thanigasalam from Scarborough Rouge-Park. According to the 1948 UN convention terminology, “Genocide” does not meet the criteria for such proclamation as it never took place in Sri Lanka and NO world State has recognized a “Genocide” in Sri Lanka.  Any such false impartial declarations to hamper the reputation of Sri Lanka and it’s people in Sri Lanka and in Canada may lead to a future lawsuit.

We must also point out that Toronto, Brampton, Ontario and Canada is home to a large concentration of Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Malay and Burgher communities of Sri Lankan origin that voted for you to unite us and not divide us.

Sri Lanka experienced a 30 year long post colonial conflict that came to an end in May of 2009. Many Sri Lankans, including family, friends, co-workers and associates of our community were affected. We have received information that certain parties are polarizing this situation for their own separatist cause and political agenda. The latter acts are given prominence instead of remembering Sri Lanka and all it’s people that were effected by this unfortunate post colonial conflict.

Therefore, we oppose and reject any proclamation of Tamil “Genocide” passed in Toronto, Brampton or anywhere in Canada. In a time where our community is trying to overcome and unite to heal wounds of recent tragic terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka we feel such proclamation will only divide and bring back discomfort, and political tensions into our community. For any future proclamation(s) we kindly request you to reassess and have a proclamation similar to that of city of Ottawa to remember all Sri Lankan’s that perished in the 30 year long post colonial conflict.

Our community has mobilized and started a large scale campaign to raise awareness regarding current/future impartial divisive proclamations and bills. We stand united and say never again to any form of violence and terrorism in Sri Lanka, so please assist Sri Lanka and the diaspora to rebuild a united peaceful society.

Thank you,

United Canadian Sri Lankan’s in Ontario