Help us get Lane Cove Council to give us back the direct pedestrian pathway between Atrium Arcade and Rosenthal Development

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Please sign this petition requesting Lane Cove Council reinstate the Atrium Plaza arcade pedestrian pathway to the proposed new Rosenthal Development.

In their latest DA revision, Lane Cove Council are proposing to remove the pedestrian pathway opposite the existing Atrium Plaza arcade linking it to the Rosenthal Development.

Maintaining pedestrian connectivity to ALL EXISTING ARCADES was one of the key outcomes from the community consultation process undertaken by Lane Cove Council in the lead up to this project. Pedestrian connectivity to all existing arcades was included in all original DA concept designs and the Development
Application, but this has been removed by Council in this final DA retail plan revision.

Removing direct pedestrian connectivity to the Atrium Plaza arcade means no direct access or visibility to and from the proposed Rosenthal park from midpoint Birdwood Lane or midpoint Longueville Road. It also removes the natural and pre-existing route that Lane Cove residents always took from the Rosenthal space through to Longueville Road and across to Little Lane parking station and to the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre.

Apparently Lane Cove Council's reason for removing this pedestrian pathway is to increase the size of their proposed seven retail outlets incorporated in the Rosenthal development. Lane Cove Council is the eventual Landlord and owner of this proposed retail.

We believe that Lane Cove Council is placing it's own commercial gain ahead of the overall good of it's community and existing residents and retailers.

We ask you to sign this petition requesting Lane Cove Council to reinstate the Atrium Plaza arcade pedestrian pathway to the Rosenthal Development.

Lane Cove Council could easily revert to the original retail design which gives every arcade the promised pedestrian access and visibility and still increase their retail size.

We thank you very much for your support.

Lane Cove Atrium Plaza residents and retailers

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