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Reinstate Leela Samson as the Director of Kalakshetra

Dear dancers in India and around the world,

A few days ago, the alarming news reached us about Ms. Leela Samson resigning as the Director of Kalakshetra. The allegation is that she has reached the official age of retirement and cannot continue as its Director. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Culture has accepted her resignation.

As dancers, artists and members of a civil society, this comes as very bad news. Many visionary cultural institutions founded before India's independence are now in a state of chaos and neglect. Kalakshetra too, has experienced its share of turmoil but under the stewardship of Ms Samson, the iconic institution has found a new lease of life and vibrancy.

I am requesting anyone who reads this message to sign this petition to have Ms. Leela Samson reinstated as the Director of Kalakshetra immediately by the Ministry of Culture, the by Board members of Kalakshetra and the concerned officials of the Government of India.

While we will continue to probe the matter and uncover the many layers of allegations and insinuations that have been leveled against Leela Samson, we urge all those who are concerned about the future of our performing arts to speak up through this online forum.

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  • Ministry of Culture, Board members of Kalakshetra and officials of the GOI

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