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Reimbursement of tuition fees to reflect teaching time lost due to strike action.

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We, the students of University of Salford, believe that is fair and just to be proportionately reimbursed for the loss of contact hours with our tutors or lecturers during the UCU strike. During strike action, We are expected to attend lectures and seminars in the usual way, and we would urge all students to do so.

Under the terms of enrolment, the University is not liable to compensate students for a failure to perform its obligations if that failure is due to circumstances beyond its control including, but not limited to, industrial action by its employees. This creates an unfortunate situation where the intended impact of industrial action is minimal and only affects the students. 

However, we believe that this term becomes ‘unjustifiably unbalanced’ when the university no longer bears the cost of fulfilling its obligation, in this case a quantity of tuition hours, but continues to require full payment from the students as if those obligations were being performed fully.

If a portion of our tuition fee is paid to cover the University’s cost of providing tuition and the University is no longer able to provide that tuition, then regardless of it being beyond the University’s control, they should not be allowed to retain what would otherwise have been an expense in consideration of providing the service. It is our contention that it is completely unbalanced for the University to actually increase its profit from a situation where that increase in profit is the direct result of them not fulfilling a contractual obligation.

In summary, if the University is now saving money by not paying staff who strike, and it is us who paid the University to pay those staff, then logically those savings belong to us.

By creating awareness of this and insisting on our consumer rights, we hope to unilaterally direct the industrial action at those it is intended at whilst minimizing unintended collateral damage to students.

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