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REGISTER to exercise the universal right to free and fair elections (US ONLY)


There’s no better time to rock the vote for human rights than now! Exercise the universal right to free and fair elections.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the declaration that enshrines human rights for all people and all nations – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Under Article 21 of the UDHR, everyone has the right to participate in government and open elections. As a human rights advocate, you understand just how important it is to protect that right. Our allies at Rock the Vote have made it easy to exercise that right – register to vote.

In many countries without free and fair elections, government officials are not held accountable and human rights are regularly denied. Harness your power to make human rights a reality for all people. When you raise your voice with other concerned citizens, your government is able to hear about important issues like: freeing prisoners of conscience stopping violence against women abolishing the death penalty ensuring human rights for all people Vote 4 Human Rights!
  When you exercise your voting rights, you help advance human rights. Register to vote today and take part in our democracy.

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