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Seat belts should be Compulsory for Everyone in the Car

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What do you think seat belts are for?

A seat belt is a vehicle safety device designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result during a collision or a sudden stop.

Every day in India many accidents occur. Most accidents involve cars. Seat belts should be made compulsory to each and every one sitting in the car. No extra people should be loaded in the car. There should be heavy fees for not making everyone wear seat belts in the car.

Reasons to wear seat belts

Reason #1

Passengers in a vehicle who are not wearing a seat belt can become projectiles during an accident. Unbuckled passengers can very easily be ejected through the front, rear or side windows, resulting in death.

Reason #2

Passengers in the rear seat of an automobile who use both lap and should safety belts are 44% more likely to survive in crash. The percentage increases to 73% for rear seat passengers in Vans or SUV vehicles.

Reason #3

Texans die every day in vehicle accidents. In 2015, of the 3,518 automobile accidents reported across the state, 2,369 of those accidents resulted in a fatality or serious bodily harm.

Reason #4

Trucks are not immune. In 2015, 467 fatalities were reported of drivers of pickup trucks. Of those reported fatalities, 216 were not wearing a seat belt device.

Reason #5

Wearing a seat belt prevents passenger ejection during a severe accident that involves a rollover. The chance of surviving this type of accident increases 45% when wearing a proper safety restraint device. In pickup trucks, that number increases to 60%.

I m resident of Mumbai, it is compulsory to wear a helmet in the city or else you have a good amount of fine to be made. I request it should be made strict in the case of seat belts also.

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