STOP the Ellison / Scotty Creek cell phone tower

STOP the Ellison / Scotty Creek cell phone tower

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Kristin Matthews started this petition to Regional District of Central Okanagan and

An 18-meter-high (60 ft) Rogers cell phone tower is slated to be built less than 400 meters from Ellison Elementary School, on the rear of the property located at 3811 Old Vernon Road. This is 80 meters from 3780 Weston Road (see map). The owner of the Old Vernon property has decided on a location as far from their house as possible, which lands in the back yards of homes located on Weston Road. Ground preparations have already begun!

Cell phone towers have been linked to increased health risks of developing children. They are an eyesore for Ellison’s beautiful country views and have a negative impact on property values.

Some research so you can make an informed decision:

  • The World Health Organization has listed RF radiation emitted by cell phone towers as a possible carcinogen, meaning possible cancer cause. So yes the radiation is harmful. The closer you are physically located to a cell tower, the more harmful it is.
  • Health Effects: The microwaves from cell phone towers can interfere with your body’s own EMFs, causing a variety of potential health problems, including:
    • Headaches
    • Memory loss
    • Cardiovascular stress
    • Low sperm count
    • Birth defects
    • Cancer 
  • Decreased property values: “‘The Impact of Cell Phone Towers on House Prices in Residential Neighbourhoods,’ which was published in The Appraisal Journal in 2006, found that buyers would pay as much as 20 percent less for a property near a cell tower or antenna.”

Research related to the installation of cell phones towers indicates that there are hazards to the health and welfare of people living in close proximity. Studies have found that children living near broadcasting towers have twice the rate of leukemia of children living more than 7 miles away. It interferes with sleeping patterns concentration and their development. There are more than 200 children within that proximity five days a week, potentially putting our children at risk. 

Now if this is news to you, like many others, it is due to the fact that Medallion, acting on behalf of Rogers, have done the bare minimum to notify our community. Only 15 registered letters were sent out to home owners which fall within a 105-meter radius of the proposed tower. This means that our neighbours, who live on the east side of Weston Road, were not notified and were unaware of the plans related to the tower. Staff at Ellison Elementary were also not consulted and were unaware, that all other parents at Ellison Elementary don’t have a say on the situation or the potential health risks their children will be exposed to.

Medallion claims there was a meeting to review concerns, but it is difficult to attend a meeting if you were not notified that it is scheduled. This has resulted in our community being unable to respond. As far as Rogers and Medallion are concerned, they have done everything they are legally required to do! 

Ellison is a beautiful community that exists in rural natural and rural setting, removed from the hustle of city life. The residents take great pride in this neighbourhood, and enjoy the peace and quiet that a life amongst orchards and hills has to offer. A community where people stand together for their neighbours and protect each other’s children. After speaking to many parents and neighbours who have voiced concerns, we decided to move forward with action to oppose the tower and with this petition. So, we are asking for your help, for our fellow community members to say NO to the tower going up in Ellison while there is still time. Please stand with us, speak up and make it loud. The companies involved didn’t want you to have a voice, they the bare minimum to inform us. Now we know and we can speak up and stop the tower!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!