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The Region of Peel and the DPCDSB are shutting down some Ontario Early Years Centres and ALL Parenting and Family Literacy Centres (PFLCs), including the Canadian Martyrs, Mississauga Valley location, as of June 2018.
The decision to close down the Canadian Martyrs(CM) PFLC impacts numerous local families as the centre is a place for playing, sharing, learning, and growing for young children and their parents, grandparents, and caregivers.
Considering that the Region of Peel has always been supportive of the community in the past, in this case with alternative site/s, the families of the Valley community want to voice their thoughts to the respected authority in hope that we may have a site at walking distance under the expertise of staff from the Canadian Martyrs PFLC. The Region of Peel’s proposed alternative sites do not meet the community’s needs.
A petition has been started to either stop the closure of the Canadian Martyrs Centre OR provide an alternative location that meets the community’s needs in Mississauga.
IF the CM site cannot be kept open, then families want the following by September 2018:
1. A centre (ideally with more space) situated within the same area as CM.
Accessibility is key. Many of our families walk to the centre. Most of the remaining centres are too far to walk, which places financial and physical burdens on families.
2. Open at least 5X a week with an open, drop-in schedule.
The open schedule available at the Canadian Martyrs PFLC is important to the modern family. A family centre is something that should fit the family, not the other way around. Work schedules do not make way for things like parenting groups, sadly.
3. Have the staff execute their ideas independently as they are currently doing at the Canadian Martyrs PFLC.
The Canadian Martyrs PFLC staff’s unique blend of structured time, free play, outdoor activities (weather permitting), story time and music time is enriching and engaging no matter how young the child.
4. Provide weekly trips as it is currently.
Children learn to love and enjoy every season under the independent guide of the CM PFLC staff which takes them to parks, splash/spray pads and relocating this site to any other would make the families lose a beautiful community relationship.
5. Offer the same Canadian Martyrs PFLC staff.
Their warmth and engagement with the neighborhood and community is irreplaceable and vital for the Centre to support families in the way it is designed to do.
"It takes a village to raise a child - don't take our village away."